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A Snapshot of the Village

By Cindy Goldstein -

In order to put the Hunter Tier affordable housing question in perspective a review of the key demographics and housing indicators is important. 


Census Data

Based on the 2020 Census data (as reported in the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan) the Village has just over 20,000 residents with a 6% increase in population since 2010.  The median age is 40 with a median household income of $106,828.  The poverty rate is 6%.  See HERE.


The Village breaks down along racial population as follows:  Black/African American alone 4%; Two or more races: 13%; White alone 63%.  The balance is made up of various other races.


The Village is 28% Hispanic or Latino and 72% Not Hispanic or Latino.


Population Changes

This chart from the Westchester County Municipal Housing Snapshot 2022 (Municipal Snapshot) shows the population changes over the past 20 years.  Ages 30-44 dropped 20% and ages 75-84 have dropped 23%.  Ages 45-64 and over age 85 have both grown significantly.  Also, the number of children under age 20 has grown by 11%.  (See HERE.)

Data from the Snapshot 2022 also shows that for the almost 7,000 housing units in the Village 61% are owner-occupied and 39% are renter-occupied.


Changes in Income

More than half of Village households make more than $100,000/year in income.  Almost 25% of households have less than $50,000 of income each year.  Another 25% have income between $50,000 and $99,000 annually.  (Source: Village Comprehensive Plan.) 


According to the Municipal Snapshot, the home burden in Mamaroneck for both owners and renters is serious.  As the chart below shows, 16% of owners are cost burdened with another 16% severely cost burdened.  Renters are in a similar situation with 21% cost burdened and 24% severely cost burdened.


 “Cost burdened” is defined at between 30% and 50% of income spent on housing while “Severely Cost Burdened” is more than 50% of income spent on housing. 

As of 2022, Westchester County calculated the overall need for housing in the Village at 1,479 units.  The Housing Demand table below from the Municipal Snapshot shows the greatest need for rent relief/affordable housing is at 30% of AMI or less.  The next greatest need is at 30% - 50% AMI.  These two income ranges comprise 77% of the demand (1,140 of the total 1,479) for units.  (See HERE for 2023 Maximum Income Guidelines for Westchester County.)




Village of Mamaroneck Comprehensive Plan (See HERE.)


Westchester County 2023 Income Guidelines – AMI (See HERE.)


Village of Mamaroneck Municipal Housing Snapshot 2022 prepared by Westchester County (See HERE.)


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