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Board Highlights – April 24, 2024

Washingtonville Public Health Study – Mayor Torres reported on the status of the request from Washingtonville residents to study the potential existence of a cancer cluster in their neighborhood.  Anecdotal evidence reveals that residents living in close proximity to each other have developed various forms of cancer (See Article HERE.) 


Torres referenced a letter (See HERE) from State Senator Shelley Mayer and Assemblyman Steve Otis that reporting that the incidence of cancer did not statistically constitute a cancer cluster however, they also asked NYS DEC to look at local brownfields and perform testing to determine if there are toxins in the air, soil and water.  Torres explained that the Village did not have the expertise to do the study and it was appropriate for the Westchester County Department of Health and NYS DEC to perform the work.  See HERE for the NYS Department of Health Surveillance Program.


New Ethics Code Adopted – After many years of study and work the revised Ethics Code was adopted with Mayor Torres and Trustees Lucas and Rawlings voting “yes” and Young voting “no.”  Trustee Yizar-Reid was absent from the meeting.  See Previous Article HERE.  

New Time for Regular Board Meetings – Beginning on Monday, May 13th the regular session of the Board of Trustees meetings will start at 7:30 pm.  Work Sessions continue their current start time of 5:15 pm.


Sign up for Village emails – Want to receive emails from the Village and/or Mayor Torres?  Sign up HERE for Village emails.  And sign up for the Mayor’s emails by clicking the above link and then clicking on the blue “Click here for Updates from the Mayor.”


Committee on Open Government (COOG) Meeting – on Monday, April 29th Kristen O’Neill, the Deputy Director and Counsel of COOG, will give a presentation on the NYS Freedom of Information Law and Opening Meetings Law at 6 pm in the Village Courtroom at 169 Mount Pleasant Avenue.  A Q & A will follow the presentation.  See HERE for a zoom link. 


Sportime Contract for Harbor Island Park – after many months of discussion it appears the Board of Trustees is ready to extend Sportime’s contract to provide tennis at Harbor Island Park.  See Memo and Resolution HERE.  The extension is for two years and identical to the current agreement except that Sportime must make $150,000 in improvements to the facilities (or pay the Village the difference between $150,000 and the actual improvements they do make).  The license with Sportime provided the Village with $430,000 of revenue last fiscal year.


The sticking point is the single outdoor tennis court and who will control its use.  Sportime principal Claude Okin spoke about the improvements they plan and the fact that the tennis court has been used for pickle ball for over two years under Sportime’s control. 


Pickleball for All

During a public comment period, long-time residents Robin Simonsen and Peg Rayburn made the case for pickleball as an appropriate sport for seniors.  They want pickleball courts not under the control of Sportime (which requires a fee) but instead available to all residents.  They specified the basketball courts at Fenimore Road Park and Warren Park where, if the Village painted the lines, they could bring their own portable nets and play.  Each basketball court provides enough space for three pickleball courts.  Based on their suggestion the Village would incur very little cost and provide versatility by maintaining the basketball court and adding pickleball.


Community Fridge – Former Village Manager Jerry Barberio had pursued the establishment of a Community Fridge under the auspices of the NY Community Fridge corporation (Grassroots Grocery/Mamaroneck) in August of 2023 (See Article HERE.) but there was no follow-up.  The parking lot adjacent to the Washingtonville Housing Alliance office was cited as an appropriate location for the fridge which would be monitored by volunteers.  Trustee Lou Young, who was recently asked about the status of the project by a proponent, asked staff to restart it.


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