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Halstead Ave Safety Project Takes a Step Forward

By Cindy Goldstein -

The Halstead Avenue Safety Improvements Project was presented at the September 12, 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting. Billed as a Village Informational Meeting representatives from HVEA described the project and its funding.

Overall, sidewalks will be remediated on Halstead Avenue from Mamaroneck Avenue to Hunter Street. The purpose is to improve pedestrian safety (including curb extensions at key intersections) and calm traffic overall. See Plan HERE.

Sidewalks in this area vary greatly in design and condition. Modifications to ensure ADA compliance, as well as provide enhancements to encourage non-auto transportation (e.g., bicycles) are planned as part of the almost $3.5 million project – 80% of which will be funded with federal money. The anticipated schedule is to begin construction in March 2025 with completion about eight months later.

The project is expected to have a base bid with additional alternatives that may (or may not) be included in the final project. This process was described as more flexible to add additional options to the project as the budget/grant allows.

It is expected there will be a loss of on-street parking (18 spaces) and 21 property owners will have to enter into agreements to allow modification of their properties.

HVEA is looking for written public comments and input. Any comments will be considered and included in their upcoming report.


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