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Update on Hunter Tier Project – May 13, 2024

by Kathy Savolt -


Two important steps regarding this project were taken during the May 12th meeting of the Board of Trustees (BOT).


First, tickets for the two meetings on May 22nd and 23rd were made available beginning at 7:30 p.m. as the BOT meeting started.  By the end of the meeting less than two hours later, about 20 tickets for May 22nd remained and by the end of the evening, they were gone.  The Emelin Theatre has 247 seats and with some reserved for the BOT, the Housing Committee, and the media, approximately 220 were available to the public.  Tickets for the meeting on the 23rd were still available at the time this article was written.


As a reminder, the May 22nd meeting is for the two proposed developers to present their projects and answer questions previously submitted by the public. 


The May 23rd meeting will be a panel discussion by housing experts, again answering questions submitted in advance.


There will not be any new questions either night.  Additionally, no signs are permitted in the auditorium and no children will be allowed to attend.  Questions for which the answers are not known at this time or will be subject to review under the NY State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) will be excluded from the discussion.


The BOT also approved a contract with NHB Planning Group, LLC. to assist with the process of selecting a developer and the work that would need to follow that decision.  Nanette Bourne, the principal of NHB, has over 30 years of planning experience in Westchester and recently contributed to an innovative project in Pelham.  The scope of work includes interviews with Village leadership and staff as well as “neighbors proximate to the project,” analysis of alternative options and a demographic study to determine if the Village may grant preference to local residents.


The cost of the work is $26,925, with an additional $20,000 included should further work be needed.  See contract, Request for Proposals, and proposal HERE.


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