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Default Judgment Against Trustee for Unpaid Back Rent

By Cindy Goldstein -

Recent commentary on local social media sites alleged that Village Trustee Emmanuel Rawlings owed back rent on a Mamaroneck apartment. The Mamaroneck Observer looked into the facts to find out if there was any truth to the posts. All information in this article was found in publicly available documents.


Village Trustee Emmanuel Rawlings and a co-respondent were sued for unpaid back rent for an apartment in Mamaroneck Village where, according to court documents, he is listed as a tenant on the lease.


Because of Trustee Rawlings’ position as a Village Trustee, both Village Justices recused themselves from the case. The case was transferred to the Town of Mamaroneck where both justices also recused. Judge Calano from Eastchester was subsequently assigned to handle the matter.

Court Filings

A court document filed by the landlord shows that partial November 2021 rent and full monthly rent from December 2021 through January 2023 hadn’t been paid on the apartment. See HERE.

A default judgment of $23,948 plus interest was entered against Emmanuel Rawlings (and a co-respondent) for the outstanding rent. Trustee Rawlings did not appear or otherwise respond to the court to mount a defense or work out a payment plan.

It is unknown if the landlord is seeking additional back rent accrued since January 2023.

In an Order dated July 5, 2023 Judge Calano noted that it was represented by the co-respondent that Trustee Rawlings was no longer a tenant on said premises, but a warrant of eviction still included Trustee Rawlings’ name. See HERE.

Residence is Unclear

Although his residence during this period is not established, Trustee Rawlings did obtain signatures on a petition in order to run for office. On a petition sheet dated March 28, 2022 he stated, under oath, that his residence was the Mamaroneck Village apartment in question. See HERE.

An email to Trustee Rawlings asking if he wanted to make any comments on this matter did not result in a statement from him as of the writing of this article.


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