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Who We Are

We are a group of residents who love the Village of Mamaroneck and all it has to offer – a unique location on Long Island Sound with opportunities to work, live, volunteer and engage with our neighbors.


We are frustrated by the lack of a local news outlet where residents (and taxpayers) can get current FACTUAL information about our people, our government, our leaders and current events.


We are working to establish a comprehensive online newspaper just for the Village of Mamaroneck community where you can go to get current and reliable information about what’s happening. All of us are volunteers – because we know how important this project is and are willing to devote our time and expertise.


Factual. Fair. Fearless.


Join us!

Please let us know if you agree. Contact us with your thoughts and suggestions.

Our Team

Kathleen "Kathy" Savolt Headshot for Mamaroneck Observer

Kathleen (Kathy) Savolt was born in the Village of Mamaroneck and moved away as a child, returning 32 years ago. She received her master’s in psychology and has a diverse professional background working in government agencies and large healthcare not-for-profits. She then ran a small business consulting firm helping local businesses with financial management, marketing, budgeting, and personnel matters.


Kathy was the Executive Director at the Beczak Environmental Center in Yonkers and a Board member and Treasurer of At Home on the Sound, a local organization for aging in place. She served as a member of the Village Budget Committee, five years on the Village Planning Board, with three years as Chairperson, Village Trustee from 2000-2002, and Mayor from 2007-2009.   
Kathy’s education, professional experience and volunteer service has led her to become one of the founders of The Mamaroneck Observer. She strongly believes in the value of a free press and the need for local news.


The Village of Mamaroneck has been without a local news source for years, and when the 2022 election results were misreported by the Board of Elections, the only news source was local elected officials. She found that disturbing and joined with other concerned people to do something.

Cindy Goldstein Headshot for Mamaroneck Observer

Cindy Goldstein is an attorney and CPA with an active tax practice providing both fee and pro bono legal and tax services to individuals and non-profits. She has more than 30 years volunteering in the Village as a founder/Treasurer of the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force, Treasurer of the Washingtonville Housing Alliance, and three-time PTA President in the Mamaroneck schools.


Cindy also volunteers her tax services to local non-profits and seniors. She is a former member of the Village Planning Board and was a two-term member and Chair of the Harbor Coastal Zone Management Commission, member of the Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee and the Budget Committee. In addition to Cindy’s extensive local volunteer efforts, she is also a Board member of Pace University since 1991.
She is volunteering with The Mamaroneck Observer because of the lack of any reliable local news outlet. Cindy says, “It’s so important that residents hear what’s going on in their community and make their voices heard. With their wealth
of experience in the Village the volunteers at TMO can provide insight and depth to inform people about what’s going on.”

Allison Stabile Headshot for Mamaroneck Observer

Allison Stabile moved to Mamaroneck in 1993 with her young family. Volunteering for Meals on Wheels was her introduction to the Village's varied neighborhoods and diversity. Allison helped the Rye Neck School District work on compliance with Westchester County recycling mandates and ran educational assemblies as well as Earth Day programs.

Noticing the disconnect between school and Village practices, Allison joined the Village's Recycling Committee, which became the Committee for the Environment. She also serves as the VP of the Shore Acres Property Owners Association. In her business life, Allison is the former president of Allan Stone Galleries, Inc. She is also a board member of Columbia Presbyterian's Babies Heart Fund.

A key thread for Allison through her 30 years of community service and activism has been communication. Dismayed by the recent absence of reliable community reporting, Allison was motivated to join The Mamaroneck Observer to open the lines of communication to the entire Village in order for residents, both new and long-term, to learn more about each other and the Village we all call home.


Cindy Goldstein

Marina Kiriakou

Kathleen (Kathy) Savolt

Allison Stabile

Sharon Torres

Estelle Williams


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