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Enforcement Issues

by Cindy Goldstein -


The June 10th meetings had a common theme running throughout the evening – how best to enforce the current laws and enact new ones that would be enforceable.  The first topic started at the work session where Mayor Sharon Torres recognized that there are enforcement issues all across the Village.  The topic was part of the discussion on Proposed Local Law L about eliminating some of the paperwork by exempting some businesses from a special permit process.  Then it was during the Bark Park discussion where enforcement was brought up again.  Quality of life issues across the Village - but especially in the business district - often revolve around noise where the law is difficult to enforce.  Trustee Young’s proposal of an apartment registration program to lend “enforcement muscle” and residents’ pleas for enforcement regarding garbage pickup, overgrown yards, rat infestations, prostitution, drug sales and use all underscore the issue and its pervasiveness.  Interim Village Manager Chuck Strome has indicated  he will assemble information for the BOT to consider.


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