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Library Update – Summer 2023

By Kathy Savolt -

The Mamaroneck Library continues to make quiet progress to take charge of their finances. As originally reported in The Mamaroneck Observer the major financial issue was not the alleged misappropriation of funds by an employee but rather from inaccurate reports received by the Board. The Mamaroneck Observer received the following statement from Library Board President Ellen Freeman and Library Trustee Ellen Hauptman:

We are writing to update the community regarding the ongoing investigation of the Library’s financial situation, and the steps we are taking to put the Library on a sound financial footing.

A revised budget was approved by the Board in May. $509,000 was eliminated from the budget. This was accomplished by not filling open positions and eliminating the purchase of books, AV materials and a reduction of program expenses.

New financial controls were approved by the Board in May and went into effect immediately. The controls were based on recommendations of the forensic auditors.

We have decided not to open the Library on Sundays, saving approximately $40,000.

We have hired an experienced part-time bookkeeper.

We have eliminated all overtime except for emergency situations.

We are replacing two full-time librarians and one part-time librarian, who have resigned, with two part-time librarians.

We have appointed a volunteer Co-Treasurer, independent from the Board, who has financial experience with non-profits.

We have posted our financials each month on the Library website.

All existing contracts with the Library are being reviewed to further reduce spending.

As we have stated in the past, the Library’s biggest financial issue is a result of misreporting leading the Board to believe funds existed that did not. The financial controls address this issue. The audit conducted by Nawrocki Smith confirms this.

The report from Nawrocki Smith has been forwarded to the Westchester County District Attorney’s office, whose investigation is ongoing. A copy of Nawrocki Smith’s cover letter will be posted on our website.

Due to the ongoing criminal investigation, we have been advised not to provide the full report publicly at this time.

Board President Ellen Freeman

Board Member Ellen Hauptman

The Mamaroneck Observer will report additional information as the investigation continues.


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