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LMC Media’s “Studio on the Avenue”: A Catalyst for Community Media in New York

By Marina Kiriakou -


The March 2nd opening of LMC Media's "Studio on the Avenue" at the entrance of Mamaroneck Cinemas marks a significant development for community media, both in the village and across New York State.  This state-of-the-art facility is poised to become a central hub for creative expression, learning, and civic engagement, offering access to cutting-edge video and podcast production technology.


In a world where community news and media outlets are closing due to financial issues or lack of engagement, LMC Media stands out as a valuable asset.  Their mission is not only to provide programming, but also to empower young people and adults with the technology they need to share their stories and participate in the larger conversation.  For those who didn't study film or communications, LMC Media is there to lend a helping hand.


The Role of LMC Media’s "Studio on the Avenue"

"Studio on the Avenue" is designed to be a community space where individuals can collaborate, learn, and share their stories.  Last week, a local high school student visited the studio to seek help in making a short film.  He met with Dena Schumacher, Assistant Director of LMC Media to discuss his project, get some training, and chart the production steps necessary to achieve his goals.  This is the kind of support available to the organization’s members. 


Supporting Community Media at the State Level

The importance of community media centers like LMC Media’s “Studio on the Avenue" is becoming increasingly recognized at the state level.  To address the scarcity of such resources across New York, State Senator Shelly Mayer and State Representative Steve Otis have co-sponsored a pioneering legislative measure: The Community Media Reinvestment Act.  This bill proposes the placement of an excise a tax on large streaming services, with the revenue generated to help secure the future of community media access centers around the state.  Municipalities that invest these funds into community media initiatives will benefit from a larger share of the funding, thereby encouraging the establishment of additional centers across the state.


A Broader Impact

The grand opening, attended by local officials and approximately 125 community members, was not just a celebration of a new facility.  It was a testament to the vision, dedication, and spirit that drives the community forward.  As local leaders and LMC Media Executive Director Matt Sullivan describe, this is more than a studio—it's a home for our collective aspirations, creativity, and shared stories.


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