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Local Resident and Former Trustee, Dan Natchez, Receives Prestigious Award

By Marina Kiriakou -

On October 24th, long-time community member Dan Natchez was honored with the prestigious Golden Cleat Award for his remarkable achievements in the field of environmental waterfront design. The award was announced at a gala dinner event during the recent International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) World Conference in Portugal. Natchez was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his exceptional leadership, advocacy, and dedication to the betterment of the world's marine industry. Representing national organizations from 37 countries, ICOMIA is the voice for the marine industry worldwide.

The Golden Cleat Award holds special significance as Natchez becomes the first American to receive this honor, which has only been bestowed once before. This accomplishment not only underscores Natchez's skills and expertise but also highlights the respect he has earned within the global leadership in the marine industry.

Natchez is an avid sailor, boater, and water skier and has been both a frequent competitor and judge at American Water Ski Association competitions as well as on many Olympic-class sailboats. Some thirty years ago, he turned his passion for the water into a vocation when he founded Daniel S. Natchez & Associates, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning environmental waterfront design company. His expertise and innovative ideas have made a significant impact on environmental waterfront design both locally and globally, including access for those with mobility and other challenges.

Natchez's passion for marinas and recreational boating is further exemplified through his internationally syndicated column on the subject. His knowledge and dedication have earned him the esteemed title of Certified Marina Professional, placing him among a select group of only eight individuals worldwide.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Natchez's contributions to the Village of Mamaroneck have extended far and wide. During his tenure as Trustee and Deputy Mayor, he committed a decade of his life to serving our community, striving to make it a better place for all residents. His commitment to fiscal responsibility, sensible development, and environmental sustainability left an indelible mark on our village. He was one of the principal authors of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP), a land and water use plan for the Village's natural, public, and developed waterfront resources along the Mamaroneck and Sheldrake Rivers and Long Island Sound. Many in our Village know of Natchez through his weekly Village email updates.

Congratulations to Dan Natchez on receiving the Golden Cleat Award. We look forward to his continued success and contributions to our community in the years to come.

Dan Natchez (left) receiving the distinguished award from CEO of ICOMIA

(Photo: Copyright of Carlos Muriongo, 2023)

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