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Missing Dan

by Kathy Savolt -


An air of sadness hung over the Board of Trustees proceedings on May 28th as this was the first meeting since the untimely passing of Deputy Village Manager Dan Sarnoff.  From the opening minutes when Mayor Sharon Torres teared up as she reported that Dan’s family held a private service and internment on Sunday, Dan’s absence was noticeable.


There was the empty chair at the end of the dais with Trustee Manny Rawlings sitting beside it working the computer to manage the Zoom session.  There was the Mayor reporting that the regular meeting on flood mitigation had to be cancelled last week.  There was Kate Dehais from the Committee for the Environment requesting that she speak directly with the Village’s grant writer about new grant possibilities.  And there were several residents and professionals who remembered Dan, and remarked what a loss his passing is for the Village.


The Mayor mentioned that the Village is working with Dan’s family to arrange a public memorial sometime in June.  She also said that Charles Strome, the interim Village Manager, will increase his hours and cover what he can.  Senior staff will also be responsible for additional duties and the Mayor asked the community to be patient and remember the staff has suffered two losses recently (long-term employee Tamika Wells) and they are doing what they can.


Dan had worked for the Village for 14 years.  Mayors, Trustees and Village Managers came and went but Dan was always there.  He had tremendous knowledge of the workings and history of the Village.  We will miss him every day.


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