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Success Story - December Toy Drive

Our volunteer Fire Department does more than keep us safe. This past December marked the 12th anniversary of the Village of Mamaroneck Volunteer Fire Department Toy Drive. More than 1,000 toys were distributed to local children ages 1-17 thanks to the generosity of our community and efforts by Fire Department volunteers. Brand new toys were delivered to children through multiple organizations, including the Community Resource Center and Dr. Kevin Maloney.

It all started in 2010 when Felix Hughes, a volunteer with the Columbia Fire House, noticed that other organizations and fire departments were running toy drives during the holiday season, but the Village of Mamaroneck did not. He wanted to engage more with the community and give a happier holiday to children who might not have presents to open on Christmas morning.

Before 2020, there were years when volunteers handed out toys dressed as Santa. Things changed during the pandemic when visitors were no longer allowed at the firehouse. Columbia Fire House became a drop off point for toys.

At the height of the pandemic, as neighbors supported local businesses and looked out for each other, the event brought in more toys than ever. Through support from the Chamber of Commerce, promotion on the Village website and social media where local Facebook groups spread the word, toy donations increased substantially.

With the continued growth of the event, it looks like the Toy Drive is here to stay. In a village of our size, this is an opportunity to work together and make our community better.

Mark your calendar for 2023! Toys (only new and unused) will be accepted during the month of December at the Columbia Firehouse located at 605 North Barry Avenue.

You can contact Felix Hughes at for more information.If you’re not sure what kind of toys to donate, board games have become extremely popular as a way to bring family and friends of all ages together, however, any toy that will bring joy to a child is welcome.


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