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Talk of the Rivers

By Kathy Savolt

River Maintenance

At the February 27th Board meeting Village Manager Barberio stated that the USACE and NYSDEC had approved the removal of sand and large rocks during their site visit in early February. He used this apparently verbal approval for beginning work even though Village’s application for a permit is still incomplete and pending.

In a new video with LMC-TV, Barberio gives a completely different reason for why work was started. He cites a ten-year permit from 2010-2011 as the reason the Village was able to begin work without a permit. Watch the video HERE.

The Mamaroneck Observer placed several calls to the Army Corps of Engineers in an attempt to clarify just how the Village could start work without a permit. As of the publication of this article, we have not heard back from them.

Nonetheless, work has begun near North Barry Avenue extension.

Meanwhile, the application process for this work is moving forward and Barberio again thanked the USACE and NYSDEC for sharing their data with the Village thus saving us time and money.

Ward Avenue Bridge

The USACE should have 90% plans for the Ward Avenue bridge in June or July when they will be shared with the Village. Construction could start by the end of this year.

Tompkins Avenue Bridge

The survey work is completed for this project. The next phase, taking test soil borings will occur this month with design starting in March or April.

Governor’s Office staff coming to Mamaroneck

Watch for announcement that staff from Governor Hochul’s office will be in Mamaroneck for two days this month to take applications for flood relief.Mr. Barberio reported that $30 million is available for Westchester County.

The Ward Avenue Bridge over the Mamaroneck River


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