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The Mamaroneck Library is Open

By Kathy Savolt -

The report of the demise of the Mamaroneck Public Library has been greatly exaggerated.

Ellen Freeman, President of the Library Board, spoke to The Mamaroneck Observer this week and assured us that the library will not be closing. Ms. Freeman reiterated that the forensic audit is underway and that the results will be available to the public very soon. She said that the auditors are working long hours, seven days a week due to the complexity of the investigation. In fact, Freeman said the auditors are looking all the way back to 2010.

Freeman continued, “Hopefully, the auditors will be finished soon, and we can go back to focusing on our wonderful programming and celebrating our centennial.” Freeman also indicated they are receiving lots of support from the community and neighboring libraries.

Fear of the Library closing started with a story in The Loop that quoted unnamed “officials” and was published before any official statement by the Library Board was released. In their statement the Library Board of Trustees acknowledged that they recently discovered funds were misappropriated and the business manager had resigned. The volunteer Board Treasurer also resigned. View the most recent information HERE.

Sadly, fear of the Library’s closing still persists on social media.

A visit to the Library at any time of day will show how vital the Library is to our community. We can all help them at this time; they are a charitable organization and accept donations of any amount. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Consult your tax advisor.

Editor’s Note: Two members of The Mamaroneck Observer’s Advisory Board are also elected volunteer members of the Mamaroneck Public Library board. Neither of them was consulted or participated in the preparation of this article.


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