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Upcoming Mayoral Election

There is a local election for a Trustee and Mayor on the Board of Trustees. In-person voting is on Tuesday, November 7th. See HERE for the Trustee Candidate statements.

Mayor Tom Murphy is challenged by Sharon Torres for Mayor. Our Mayor is a part-time position with an annual salary of $10,425 (2023/2024 budget).

The Mamaroneck Observer asked each candidate for a bio and answers to 6 questions. The answers from the candidates were not edited and are printed exactly as received.

Click HERE for Mayor Tom Murphy

Click HERE for Sharon Torres

Mayor Tom Murphy is on the Democrat and Working Families Party lines.

Sharon Torres is on the Building Bridges Party line.

Please See HERE for important information about voter registration, early voting and absentee ballots.

Upcoming Articles on the Election:

October 25th – Information on the Referendum to establish 4 year terms (rather than the current 2 year terms) for the Mayor and Trustees and align Village elections with even years.

Editor’s Note: Our blog format does not allow for side by side presentation of the candidates.


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