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Also On the Ballot

Referendum to Extend BOT Terms

A local proposition to extend the terms of all members of the Board of Trustees (BOT) is on the ballot this year. After failing to extend the terms without voter input, the BOT decided to put the measure before the voters. See previous article HERE.

The language of this Local Proposition reads:

Shall there be approved and adopted in the Village of Mamaroneck, New York, a local law entitled “A local law regarding the terms of office of the mayor and trustees of the Village of Mamaroneck, amending Chapter 9 of the code of the Village of Mamaroneck” to provide that General Village Elections in the Village of Mamaroneck will be held biennially in even numbered years and that the terms of the mayor and trustees will be four years”?

A “yes” vote supports the change; a “no” vote rejects it.

This proposal does not affect this year’s election.If approved, the law will take effect with the 2025 election when the Mayor and one Trustee would be elected for three years.The 2026 election would have three Trustees elected for four year terms, expiring in 2030.The 2028 election would have the Mayor and one Trustee then running for four year terms, expiring in 2032.At that point, elections would be every two years for four-year terms.

Other Offices

County Legislator

Catherine Parker (Democrat, Working Families)*

Katie Manger (Republican, Conservative)

Mamaroneck Town Supervisor

Jane Elkind Eney (Democrat)*

Mamaroneck Town Council (Vote for Two)

Jeff King (Democrat)*

Anant Nambiar (Democrat)

Mamaroneck Town Clerk

Allison May (Democrat)*

Mamaroneck Town Justice

Jean Marie Brescia (Democrat)*

Rye Town Supervisor

Gary Zuckerman (Democrat)*

Noelia Candelaria (Republican, Conservative)

Rye Town Council (Vote for Two)

Pamela Jaffe (Democrat)*

Randy Sellier (Democrat)

Pasquale Lagana (Republican, Conservative)

Alex Payan (Republican, Conservative)

Rye Town Receiver of Taxes

Nicholas C. Mecca (Democrat)*

Rye Town Justice

Anthony Provenzano (Democrat)*

Village of Mamaroneck Mayor

Thomas Murphy (Democrat, Working Families)*

Sharon Torres (Building Bridges)

Village of Mamaroneck Trustee

Nora Lucas (Democrat, Building Bridges)*

Mallory Chinn (Working Families)


In addition to the above local races, there are eight candidates vying for four open NYS 9th District Supreme Court seats and two candidates running for one open Westchester County Court seat.There are also two state-wide propositions on the ballot.


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