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Board Meeting Recap Mar 13, 2023

Work Session

Village’s Comprehensive Plan Update

The fourth draft was posted on March 2, 2023 and will be circulated to Land Use Boards and Committees and posted for public review. The public comment period for this draft ends March 21. The next draft, incorporating those comments, will be ready for the April 10 BOT meeting, at which point the BOT will refer the Comp Plan to the Planning Board and schedule a public hearing for June. The most recent draft of the Comp Plan is available HERE.

Building and Fire Code Administration

This item was taken out of order because the new building inspector, Carolina Fonseca, was in attendance. Per New York State requirements, the building and fire code must be updated by adopting a local law. The proposal is to replace the entire code. Additionally, our Village code has been updated randomly over the years and needs to be cleaned up. The BOT will keep this on the Work Session agenda for future review.

Extension of Term Limits and Moving Elections to Even Years

The Village Attorney discussed the logistics of adopting the changes. It will be ready in two weeks for discussion and adoption in time for a referendum on the November 2023 Ballot.

Resuming Village Operation of Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher Program

The Village is considering taking back the management of the Section 8 Voucher Program from the Town of Mamaroneck. Manager Barberio is going to work with the Town to explore this option.

Village Housing Discrimination Law

The circa 1970 law was updated to reflect current language and practices. BOT agreed with updates and it will be on the March 27, 2023 BOT meeting for purposes of scheduling a public hearing on its adoption at the first meeting in April.

Sewer Rent Fee

There was a long discussion on the Manager’s proposal to increase the sewer rent fee by 90% and this proposal was adopted by the BOT during the regular meeting. See HERE for more comprehensive reporting.

Adjusted Median Income Requirements

Discussion of the Adjusted Median Income (AMI) was continued from the previous meeting. These are the income requirements linked to Fair and Affordable Housing. Trustee Yizar-Reid is working with the Mamaroneck Affordable Housing Coalition to get more information.

Supporting Village Staff from Harassment

Mayor Murphy’s resolution Supporting Village Staff from Harassment was adjourned to the March 27th meeting in order to re-draft the resolution.

Executive Session

The Board of Trustees entered into Executive Session to discuss several lawsuits: Grashow v. Village of Mamaroneck (ADA related); McCrory & Tiekert v Board of Appeals; Village of Mamaroneck vs AVC Contracting; as well as the Avolio Matter and the Village’s agreement with Sporttme. The only vote reported was that the BOT authorized the retention of Abrams Fensterman to intervene on behalf of the Village in the Matter of McCrory & Tiekert and that attorney Lori Lee Dickson of McCarthy Fingar will represent the ZBA.

Regular Meeting

African American Cemetery

Dave Thomas, of the Friends of the African American Cemetery in Rye, made a presentation to the BOT about the Cemetery. The African Cemetery was established in Rye when its site was deeded to the town on June 27, 1860, by Underhill and Elizabeth Halsted “(to) be forever after kept and used for the purposes of a cemetery or burial place for the colored inhabitants of the said Town of Rye and its vicinity free and clear of any charge therefore”.

Public Hearings

The Public Hearing on the Partial Property Tax Exemption for Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Workers was re-scheduled for March 27, 2023 because of a drafting error (the proposed law did not include the Town of Rye, only the Town of Mamaroneck).

The Public hearing on the Fees and Costs update was held. Although everyone from the public who commented was unanimously against the change, the Board of Trustees voted to charge a fee for residents to challenge the interpretation of the building inspector. Read more on this topic HERE.

The BOT scheduled a public hearing for March 27, 2023 to consider expanding Fair and Affordable Housing requirements to all residential zones in the Village. Developments of 5 to 9 units will be required to provide one Fair and Affordable unit; developments of more than 10 units will require 10 % of the units to be affordable.

The BOT scheduled a public hearing for March 27, 2023 to rezone the Hunter Tiered Parking Lot and to amend the open space requirements for residential developments in non-residential districts to allow future development of affordable housing.

Solar Panels

The BOT adopted a policy requiring efforts to include the installation of solar energy generation equipment wherever possible, in capital projects on Village-owned buildings.

Village Budget

The BOT set the first budget hearing for March 27, 2023 – the budget is expected to be adopted at the April 24, 2023 meeting.


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