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Letter to the Editor

OneMamaroneck requests the Mamaroneck Observer issue a public apology to Emmanuel “Manny” Rawlings regarding the article released on July 12, 2023. The article about Manny Rawlings, a young Black man and only the third Black person to serve as a Village of Mamaroneck’s Trustee since 1895, discloses personal financial challenges. While we cannot guess at the intent behind it, the article appears to be targeting Manny’s ability to govern as an elected official, and without doubt serves to smear the reputation of Manny and his family with veiled and hateful insinuation. The authors did not engage Manny’s input in publishing this article.

Government at every level, our laws, culture, journalism have been and continue to be controlled by a white privileged majority. The poison of systemic racism infects us all. Our only choice as individuals is whether to unlearn it.

OneMamaroneck supports and uplifts Manny, his family, our Black and brown communities, and all whose voices have been historically marginalized. We trust that the editors of the Mamaroneck Observer will see the gross negligence and cruelty in publishing this article and retreat from their attack by issuing an apology. We see you, Manny.

Shannon Hughes

On behalf of OneMamaroneck Inc.

July 18, 2023

Editors’ note: Ms. Hughes, a former Village of Mamaroneck resident, submitted the above letter to the editor on behalf of OneMamaroneck Inc. See HERE. The website does not include names of anyone in the organization.In our open letter “To Our Mamaroneck Village Community” See HERE. We note that Trustee Rawlings was offered an opportunity to comment which was not taken.We also point out that our article and related documents were fully redacted to remove the name of another family member involved.


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