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New Village Hall – a Future Civic Center

By Kathy Savolt -

At the November 27th work session, Gregg DeAngelis and Brian Burke, architects with EnviroSpace Architecture, presented schematic drawings of a New Village Hall located at and incorporating the current Village Hall on Prospect Avenue.

DeAngelis had last presented the Conceptual Plan for the project in December 2022 and this presentation continued with the next stage – schematic drawings which show the general layout of the building and placement of each department but not much other detail. See HERE.

The project goals are to consolidate all Village offices, modernize the police department and court facilities which both have been cited as “deficient,” offer flexible community space that can also be used as a temporary emergency shelter and create a Civic Center for the Village.

The current plan is to keep the original portion of the existing building and to remove and replace the additions on each side. Facing the building, the Police Department would remain on the left side with a much larger addition that would incorporate the current parking area and include parking underneath the building. On the right side, the new two-story addition would include the court operations on the first floor and offices above. Again, the addition will have a larger footprint and parking below. The original building would be reconfigured to include community spaces on the first floor and offices on the second and third floors. Elevators will be installed. A new portico will be installed at the front of the building to link the two additions and the rear of the building will also be physically expanded.

Certain features were highlighted to address known deficiencies. For example, the court and police department will be physically linked by a secure corridor in the new space at the back of the building, easing transfer of prisoner. The property would also be re-graded to allow a “village green” without steps in front of the building. Entrances to the building will be moved to the new additions. Additionally, a new parking deck would be constructed on the lot on Library Lane, with entrances both on Library Lane and Johnson Avenue.

DeAngelis presented a current construction budget of $58,828,020. See HERE. This does not include design costs (usually 20% of construction costs only or another $6.9 million), legal expenses, or inflation. The Village had originally been using a ballpark figure of $70 million which is now probably too low.

It is clear from the presentation that construction staging will be a major issue as operations must continue through demolition and construction. The budget included $751,200 for a phasing premium.

No mention has been made about the Village space that is in The Regatta. The Village purchased that space when the building was built to help fund the project. It is not clear if the Village could sell it, lease it, or convert it to another use.


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