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Oh Rats!

By Kathy Savolt

On July 6th, Village Manager Jerry Barberio declared an emergency condition in the Washingtonville and Fenimore Industrial areas of the Village due to “small mammal infestations.” See proclamation HERE.

After the media, including national media outlets, picked up the story and caused concern among community members, Mayor Tom Murphy emailed residents with more information. Attached to his email was an email from Laura Abbate, on behalf of the of the Washingtonville Neighborhood Association (WNA), summarizing the events at a meeting on July 6th with Barberio, representatives from Dana Pest Control (Dana) and Abbate, with other members of WNA.

In her email, Abbate reminded Murphy and Barberio that they were made aware of this rodent problem saying the areas “are experiencing a large increase in Rodent infestation over the last several years, spiking in the last two years.” Abbate also summarized the results of a six-week canvass of the area conducted by Dana which found multiple contributing factors including, property conditions, unkept dwellings, abandoned homes, debris, garbage on public property, and exposed trash receptacles. See HERE.

This canvass resulted in the proclamation and Dana will commence work to remedy the situation. See HERE for canvass map; the red areas are the top priority.

The Mamaroneck Observer spoke with Abbate who is pleased that the Village now has the information needed to begin work and that Barberio is working well with the WNA, and the other neighborhoods involved.

The current rat infestation will most likely be among the community’s concerns with the proposal of a Community Refrigerator at the Mamaroneck Library. See Article HERE.


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