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The Comprehensive Plan: A Path Forward

By Cindy Goldstein -

The Village of Mamaroneck is coming close to completion of the most recent comprehensive plan update. It is expected that the Board will close the public hearing and adopt the 2023 Comprehensive Plan at their September 12th Board meeting. See HERE

What is a Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan provides a vision for the future of the community stating the goals, objectives and priorities as identified by the stakeholders – community members including residents and businesses. The plan also outlines the steps that are needed to make that vision a reality. As things change, local governments periodically update their comprehensive plans.

To achieve the vision, a comprehensive plan includes goals, policies, and actions that address both immediate and long-term needs. The services of a professional outside planner have been retained to help the Village identify its goals and give recommendations on how to achieve them.

Engagement with the community is essential to any good plan. Surveys and meetings took place where individuals brainstormed as to what they want for our community for the next decade. But we can’t know where we’re going until we know where we’ve been. Census data and economic conditions are reviewed and, to no one’s surprise, housing costs have increased significantly. For us to continue to be a relatively diverse community (across age, race, socio-economic status, etc.) there’s work to be done.

Who We Are

The data snapshots on page 19 show we have a population of 20,151, of which 28% are foreign-born. Median household income is $106,828 and the poverty rate is 6%. Since 2010 the population has increased approximately 6%.

Stated Goals and Objectives

These include 1) protection from storms, flooding and sea level rise, 2) safer streets for walking and bicycling, 3) preserve and create affordable housing, 4) update the zoning code and 5) support business development.

How we determine success

The proposed plan compares the goals and objectives from the prior 2012 plan and notes where progress has not been made. For example, page 64 outlines the “Maker Zone” (Industrial Area) planning process did not start until 2015 and then stalled. A current recommendation is that the Maker Zone concept be revitalized.

Another critical aspect of the plan has also not seen much progress – environmental protection and flooding. There are many specific recommendations from 2012 but only a handful have been followed.

One area of progress is in Appendix E dealing with Parks and Recreation Facilities. The easy-to-read format shows exactly what has been accomplished with regard to each of the parks.

An important piece of the plan will be Appendix F – Phasing and Implementation Table referred to but not included in the draft at this time.

Preparing the plan is just the first step – now the Board of Trustees has to act. Otherwise, none of the recommendations become a reality and the plan is merely a “wish list.”

The danger is preparing a plan and letting it collect dust on the shelf. That’s not the point of the planning process. At the end of the day the only way any of these recommendations will happen is if there is the political will (and the money) to implement them by enacting local laws and funding the initiatives.


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