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Army Corps Plan Update

By Cindy Goldstein -

There was a lot of news about flood mitigation efforts given at both the work session and regular meeting. Bethany McClanahan, project manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) project gave an update at the work session during which she confirmed the project would not start until 2025. New cost estimates have increased the total cost from $88 million (in 2017) to $130 million. This increase requires additional appropriation from Congress and funding for the local match. Westchester County has set aside $17,500,000 for the project.

Ms. McClanahan reported that the demolition design plan for the Ward Avenue bridge was 90% complete but the project still needs to be designed and construction drawings prepared. The bridge will not be demolished until 2025 when all of the preliminary work is completed as the bridge will be replaced after demolition. She referred to the various agencies who must re-authorize the project due to the increase in the cost.

Ms. McClanahan also noted there had been a misconception that the Village would not be responsible for any of the costs of the overall plan. The ACE can fund 65% of the project making the local match 35% which is split between New York State, Westchester County and the Village of Mamaroneck.

Trustee Lucas pointed out that in this type of joint work the Village would be precluded from starting work on some projects or risk nullifying the overall project. Ms. McClanahan clarified that with the proper paperwork the Village could do some projects without jeopardizing the overall ACE project. With proper agreements in place the Village may start some work prior to the ACE work which is projected to start in 2025.

The Village was also advised that it was not necessarily responsible for paying cash for its share of the project, rather in-kind contributions would be applied to the percentage required of the Village. Reference was made to the Village obtaining the required easements on private property along the river – both permanent and temporary. Impacted property owners will receive compensation in exchange for the use of their properties and will be contacted by the Village once the list of properties is finalized.


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