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Board Highlights June 12, 2023

Comprehensive Plan

The Public Hearing on the Comprehensive Plan was opened, and the Mayor said it would remain open at least until July. The Plan, which is over 200 pages, can be found HERE.

The Comprehensive Plan describes its purpose as “a guidance document that sets the goals, policies, and priorities for investing in the physical, environmental, and economic future of the community for 2023 to 2030.”

There are the Plan’s six Goals & Objectives:

1. Protect the Village from Storms, Flooding & Rising Sea Levels

2. Make Streets Safe for Walking & Bicycling

3. Preserve Existing Affordable Housing; Create New Affordable Housing

4. Protect & Improve the Environment

5. Update the Zoning Code; Maintain Walkable Village Form

6. Support Business Development & Revitalize the Corridors

VOM Police Department Receives Awards

In May, the Department and two officers received awards from the New York State STOP-DWI Foundation and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Officer Anthony Fraioli received a Recognition of Excellence – DWI Award – one of only 29 given statewide. Fraioli was responsible for 14% of the DWI arrests last year. Sergeant Andrew Benkwitt received a Recognition of Excellence – Drug Recognition Award. He’s a five time honoree and one of only 14 statewide this year. Benkwitt was responsible for 28% of the Village’s DWAI arrests last year.

The Department received a Department of the Year Award for the fourth consecutive year. DWI arrests increased 10% last year.

Communications and Monitoring Social Media

At the work session, Trustee Yizar-Reid suggested that the Board needed to communicate better and more frequently with the residents to increase transparency. Trustee Rawlings suggested that there is a lot of disinformation that is dangerous. Trustee Yizar-Reid suggested a video by the Board explaining the process by which items are discussed and may or may not be acted upon. Trustee Young mentioned a company that, months ago, made a presentation to the Board about a service that could monitor social media posts and what people were saying about the Board. After suggestions about using personal social media accounts, Trustee Lucas reminded the Board that Village business is public business, and all records must be maintained as they are subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

After discussion, the Mayor stated that the video was a “good place to start” but no specifics were mentioned.


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