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Board Highlights June 26, 2023

At the regular meeting, the Public Hearing on the proposed local law to streamline the land use notification process was abruptly stopped when Trustee Lucas pointed out that the law on which they were about to vote was incorrect and did not include the required sign postings. Village Attorney Robert Spolzino admitted that the BOT had “an early version” of the proposed law. The Public Hearing was promptly closed and will be rescheduled for a later date.

Parking meters will be coming to the 500 – 700 blocks on Mamaroneck Avenue as the BOT voted to approve the expenditure from the Parking Fund.

Do you know how many linear feet of sanitary sewers there are in the Village? Under a consent decree with Save the Sound, the Village must inspect and determine the condition of the sewer lines. Starting this year, 10% of the total will be inspected each year. The total – 250,000 linear feet.

The board approved a new garden at Harbor Island Park with funds provided by the Harbor Island Park Conservancy.A “Zen Garden” will be installed at the Boston Post Road/Rushmore Avenue entrance.See conceptual drawing HERE.The Harbor Island Park Conservancy, established in 2002, was formed for the benefit of the general public in maintaining, gardening and building projects for the public to enjoy at Harbor Island Park.


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