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Board Highlights May 22

Public Comments – During the Public Hearing for PLL L-2023 Building and Fire Code Administration, resident Stuart Tiekert rose to the podium with a long list of questions and concerns about the proposed law. He asked question after question with no response from anyone who might have the answers. Deputy Mayor Lou Young, who presided over the meeting in Mayor Murphy’s absence, interspersed with requests for Tiekert to “keep moving” and eventually to “sit down.” Tiekert, knowing that a public hearing is for the Board to hear from the public, stood his ground and finished his list, periodically asking Board members if they had even read the proposed law.

When he finished, Trustee Lucas said that the Village was required to pass this law by New York State to be in conformance with the State Uniform Building Code. Village Attorney, Robert Spolzino clarified that this proposed law referred back to limiting language in other sections of the Village Code. Spolzino further said that he can’t change everything all at once and the proposed law was already 25 pages long. Because the Village is in the process of reviewing the building sections of the Village Code, he asserted that he would fix any issues in the future.

Lucas admitted that she was confused. She had compared the model law from NYS and what was in front of the Board was different. She said she was reluctant to vote on something she can’t understand.

Resident Peter McKee then addressed the Board and said, “it seems members don’t know what you’re voting on. That troubles me. Seems at times you’re confused. I see blank faces and you looking at your phones. I just started coming to meetings and I am astounded at what I see from our elected officials. I am disappointed. It would be wise to stop and gather information to understand (what’s before you). We need to feel we have intelligent, informed representatives.”

Immediately after these remarks, Young called for a vote to close the Public Hearing, which passed 4-0.He then called for a vote on the proposed local law which passed 3-1 with Lucas the nay vote.

Draft Comprehensive Plan – the latest draft of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan has been posted to the Village’s website See HERE A Public Hearing on the draft was scheduled for June 12th.

Affordable Housing Task Force – The Board of Trustees agreed to place the formation of this task force on the June 12th agenda. Trustee Nora Lucas, who proposed the committee, cited Dobbs Ferry’s success with using a resident group to educate the public, develop ideas for housing affordable at all ranges, and build community support.


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