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Board Highlights October 10, 2023

Village Manager Report on Flooding

Once again, the Village Manager’s Report on Flooding started the main portion of the Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting on October 10th. The Mayor announced that this will be a permanent change.

With a poster board titled Flood Mitigation on display, Village Manager Jerry Barberio acknowledged and thanked Village staff members for their work during and after Tropical Storm Ophelia. Barberio stated that Ophelia dumped ¾ of the amount of rain that Ida did and there was less damage.

Barberio reported that the US Army Corps of Engineers will be in the Village on October 20 for a site visit at the Ward Avenue Bridge and that they will present at the October 23rd BOT meeting.

Citing possible FEMA reimbursement for Village expenses of $1.7 million during Ophelia, Barberio explained the process and the thresholds the County and State have to meet before the Village is eligible for what could be 75% reimbursement.

Barberio then asked Deputy Manager Dan Sarnoff to present a document sent by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation titled “Arrgh! I Just Got Flooded!” This lengthy document contains detailed instructions on what to do if you are flooded and will be available on the Village website. It also contains valuable information about resources available.

Later, during the public comment portion, Peter McKee said the presentation was “a slap in the face to people in the room.”

Elks Donate $2,000 to Police Department

Exalted Ruler of Elks Lodge 1457, Vincent Keck, presented a $2,000 check to Officer Frank Maresca at the BOT meeting. The funds will be used to purchase tourniquets that every officer carries on their person while on duty.

Audit of the Bills

Apparently, members of the BOT did not receive the abstract of the bills totaling $595,390 until just before the meeting.Trustee Lucas expressed concern that they did not have enough time to review the multi-page, very detailed list of the bills the Village scheduled to pay. Mayor Murphy disagreed stating he was there to “do the Village’s business.” The vote was 3 ayes, 1 nay (Trustee Yizar-Reid) and Trustee Lucas abstained.

Vincent Keck, and Officer Frank Maresca


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