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Board Highlights September 26, 2023

By Kathy Savolt -

LMC Media Receives Funding for Avenue Studio

With the Cable Board of Control no longer functioning and Larchmont no longer participating in the funding of LMC Media, disbursement of funds from the cable fees is left to votes from both the Town and Village Boards. With a 5-0 vote, the BOT approved the disbursement of $413,493.77 which is the Village’s share (based on subscribers) for the design and construction of the new offices and a studio on Mamaroneck Avenue.

Clarification: The Village of Larchmont is currently supporting LMC Media through a contract that covers agreed services. It should also be noted that the Mamaroneck Village share is based on the 1980 census and not the number of cable subscribers.

Building Fee Refunds

The BOT passed a local law amending the Village Code which changes the procedure for the payment of building permit fees when projects are required to appear before land use boards. Permit fees will no longer be collected until all approvals are obtained. Previously, permit fees were paid upfront and if the project didn’t move forward, there was no mechanism to refund the fee.

Quarterly Benefit Days

Trustee Rawlings proposed that the Village of Mamaroneck host regular events at which residents can learn about benefits for which they may be eligible. The Village would invite government representatives from the County and the Towns as well as various agencies and not-for-profits. Village Manager Jerry Barberio said he would pursue the idea.

Xavier Campo of LMC Media

Photo by Mike Witsch


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