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BOT Meeting Recap Jan 9, 2023

The Village Board met Monday, January 9th and had a busy evening.
In the Work Session, the Comprehensive Plan Update survey recap reported that 851 people took the survey. Relatively recent residents (last 10 years) chose Mamaroneck because of its proximity to the water and New York City and its community atmosphere. The primary focus of the update is sustainability, affordable housing and retaining community character. Stay tuned as the Comp Plan update is continuing with a goal of adoption in April.

In environmental news, the Board is looking for more information about test results and safety before extending the lease for the wireless telecommunications facility on Fenimore Road in the Industrial Area; leaning towards dedicating the Rockland Pocket Preserve as a Village Park; hopes to utilize a $5,000 NYSERDA Grant to facilitate a program for residents to trade in gas powered leaf blowers for electric ones and promote the use of fall leaves as compost material (reducing the amount of leaves to be picked up by Village).

Following up on a proposal from Mamaroneck High School student’s Original Civic Research Program, the Board is interested in extending the terms of the Trustees and Mayor from 2 years to 4 years and is poised to schedule a public hearing on the matter for February 13, 2023.

Additionally, the Village Attorney proposed numerous legislative items, including updating the Code of Ethics, consolidating the notice requirements for land use boards, updating Wetlands and Stormwater Management laws, limiting attorney’s fees for representing Village officials, and revising zoning regulations for food service establishments and the Industrial area.

On a festive note, the Fireman’s Carnival will run from Tuesday June 27th through Wednesday July 5th, with the parade on Wednesday, June 28th.

During the Regular Meeting, the Board swore in a new police officer, John Paul, a lifelong Mamaroneck Resident and graduate of the Rye Neck School District and Thomas Aquinas College; gave out certificates of appreciation to outgoing volunteer board members, and had a presentation about the New York State Stretch Code - a clean energy code to guide communities to meet energy and climate goals.

Last but not least, after much public input both for and against, the Board settled on a location for a village dog park, in Harbor Island Park along the Boston Post Road between the Water Treatment Plant and the Boston Post Road. This was despite the online agenda stating the matter would be held over. The next steps include an advisory consistency determination from the Harbor Coastal Zone Management Commission. Thirteen members of the public spoke on the matter. The vote was 4:1 with Trustee Lucas dissenting because while a dog park is needed, she believes it is not a good location for it.


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