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Do or Dye - Your Local Punk Rock Vegan Salon

By Sharon Torres -

What happens when you combine punk rock and vegan beauty? You get a unique salon where customers can talk about everything including religion and politics, but they are not afraid to throw you out if you want to spread hate or ignorance. One customer with different political views stated, “I don’t want to like it here, but you do my hair the best.”

Mamaroneck has many salons and starting a new business is tough, but Giuliana De Pietro faces that challenge head on. Her goal is to be “so different from every salon around” and bring in clients who are open-minded, tolerant and want to look great without supporting harm. Do or Dye is dedicated to making you feel good both inside and out and serves both men and women

Only three months before the official start of the COVID pandemic, entrepreneur and musical talent Giuliana (“Jewels” to her friends) poured her life savings into her dream, a fun salon where all are welcome. Her products are made in America by companies that do not use child labor or animal testing. She features Aveda products which are both vegan and eco-friendly. In March 2020 during the height of the pandemic, the growing salon closed its doors for three months. They re-opened to a line of residents and have been busy ever since.

“When you rescue an animal and see the suffering first-hand, you never want to be a part of it. Where did we get the idea that dogs are our friends and pigs are our food?” stated Giuliana, who has been a vegan and animal activist for over twenty years. She moved here from the Bronx with her cats Cleo and Mila because Mamaroneck is “the cutest town – it’s a beach town and it’s unique – I love it.”

Besides styling at the salon, the classically trained singer, piano and bass player, who has been performing since she was six years old, tours the world performing in two bands and writes songs. She just released her first album with her band “The Capturers” which has a NYC reggae feel and is also the lead singer for Babe Patrol, an all-female melodic punk band. Most evenings Giuliana can be found recording at Stockroom Records on Boston Post Road.

Some profits from the sale of hair care items support local animal and homeless shelters. According to Giuliana, there is no reason to choose between her activism efforts, hair styling or music, because they are all her “entire being, they’re who I am!”

For a punk rock vegan experience, you can visit Do or Dye at 272 Mamaroneck Avenue, 914-315-1216. Check out her style on Instagram and her bands at The Capturers and Babe Patrol.


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