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Flood Updates

Flood Coordinator

The Village is investigating the process of establishing the position of Flood Coordinator.  No such title exists in the current Civil Service catalog of positions.  Deputy Village Manager Dan Sarnoff asked the Board of Trustees (BOT) to clarify job responsibilities and requirements.


Washingtonville Drainage Problem

According to residents, the entire Washingtonville area has 6 storm drains.  In 2022, $150,000 was appropriated for a study and nothing was done.


At the work session, Village Engineer Gino Frabasile presented a proposal for a study of the drainage in the area.  After discussion, the BOT asked Frabasile to get two other proposals.


Fairway Green/Old Post Road Drainage

The BOT approved the funding for a study of the drainage issue at Fairway Green reportedly caused by storm water the Village is required to manage that flows into the property.  The project has been coupled with new sidewalks for Old Post Road.


Home Elevations

Sarnoff presented the BOT with a proposal for a consultant to help residents acquire FEMA grants to raise their homes.  The BOT agreed with the need but found the proposal to be light on details and what the consultant would do for the fee.  The BOT asked Sarnoff for more information and/or other proposals.


Status on Bridges

In Village Manager Jerry Barberio’s absence, Sarnoff presented an update on five bridge projects:

1.     Route 1/Mamaroneck River – a NYS Department of Transportation project, the State reports they should be largely completed by April 2024.

2.     Waverly Avenue – a Town of Mamaroneck project, the contractor started drilling for the new pylons this week.  Project expected to last until September/October 2024.

3.     Ward Avenue – an Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) project which is still in design.  (see below).

4.     Otter Creek – a Town of Rye project, which has a grant from New York State and is in design.

5.     Tompkins Avenue – related to the Ward Ave project and currently stalled.


Army Corps of Engineers Project

Because of the increased costs since the project was funded in 2017, Sarnoff reported the project needs reauthorization by Congress and the Village is working with Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and Representative Bowman.


Meanwhile, the Village is working with the County and State to use their share of the project to start work.  Details are not clear.


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