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Mayor Caught on Hot Mic

Just hours after Mayor Murphy championed a resolution supporting Village staff from harassment and bullying by the public See HERE, he mumbled a profanity about a resident who had been critical of him as that resident left the courtroom. The resolution will be on the May 8 agenda for consideration by the Board of Trustees.

Other Board Actions

Term Extensions

The Board continued their initiative to extend their terms to four years and move elections to even years only. They scheduled a Public Hearing for May 8. See proposed law HERE

Bark Park at Harbor Island

The Board voted 5-0 to set the annual fee for entry to the dog park at $26. New York State dog licenses are required, and the Park will be open to Village residents only.

In addition, the Board voted to hold a Public Hearing on May 8th regarding changes to Chapter 260 of the Village Code (Parks) to allow unleashed dogs in Bark Park. See proposed law HERE

Compost Pickup Fee

The Board voted to assess an annual fee of $52 ($1/week) for curbside pick-up of compost.

Police Department Body-Cams

The Police Department received a grant of $34,000 to purchase additional body-worn cameras. A previous grant allowed for the purchase 44 cameras which are now being field tested by 2-3 officers with full rollout expected soon. With 51 members of the force, additional cameras are needed so each officer gets one and there are extras just in case. Just another reason to smile when you encounter one of Mamaroneck’s finest.

Climate Action Plan

The Village’s Committee For the Environment presented several initiatives to the Board. One is ready to move forward – joining the NYS Initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Board scheduled this action for the May 8th meeting


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