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Village Manager Says He Will Leave in January 2024

By Cindy Goldstein -


Village Manager Jerry Barberio accepted a new contract and apologized to the Board of Trustees after they apparently gave in to his demands.

After a quickly scheduled “emergency” meeting of the Board of Trustees last evening, Barberio released an apology (click HERE) to only the Board of Trustees (but addressed and circulated to all Village staff and volunteers). He also announced they had agreed on a new four year contract beginning immediately despite the current contract running until January 2024. The vote was 4-1 in favor of an apparent capitulation to the Manager’s demands.

It is expected the Board will vote on the contract at the March 13th meeting at which time the details will be made public.

Village Manager, Jerry Barberio, sent an email on February 27, 2023 to the Mamaroneck Village community including all Village personnel and volunteer board and commission members announcing he was no longer interested in pursuing a contract extension. (See The Mamaroneck Observer January 15th Article HERE where it was reported that Barberio had taken a second job.)

Additional emails after Barberio’s initial email were also copied to the community (See link HERE).

Barberio, whose current contract doesn’t end until January 2024, stated “As is the way for this Board, and past Boards, to kill any proposal, I find myself involved in the same awful tactics as I experienced last year during my review/non-review of my performance. In my opinion, tonight was the third and final discussion of my contract renewal. I officially withdraw consideration.”

Barberio, whose volatile tenure has included widely disseminated emails to and about individual residents also included a now seemingly abandoned EEOC complaint against a trustee that many believe was both baseless and political.

No word yet from the Board of Trustees as to when they will begin to search for Mr. Barberio’s replacement although a special emergency meeting has been scheduled for 5 pm on Friday, March 3 at The Regatta. While it is expected the Board will go into Executive Session to discuss the Manager’s contract they are required to report out any votes taken behind closed doors. The meeting will not be televised on LMC-TV so if you’re interested in what they are doing feel free to come to 123 Mamaroneck Avenue at 5 pm.


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