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Village Organizational Meeting

By Cindy Goldstein -

Trustee Nora Lucas & Mayor Sharon Torres

On Monday evening it was a standing room crowd only in the courtroom to witness the swearing-in of new Mayor Sharon Torres and Trustee Nora Lucas. Village Judge Dan Gallagher administered the oath to Mayor Torres and Village Judge Christie Derrico swore in Trustee Lucas.

It was a cheerfully raucous crowd of Democrats, Republicans, non-affiliated voters in what is fairly described as the most diverse group of Villagers assembled to witness the ceremony in recent memory. In a brief statement Torres mentioned that her campaign was a point of coming together as a Village from every voting district and every political party. She stated, “it’s not just my win – it’s ‘our’ win.” She promised to “keep it going.”

Lucas acknowledged that although this was her fourth time being sworn in as Trustee, she was overwhelmed to see so many people in this room. She thanked former Mayor Tom Murphy and Trustee candidate Mallory Chinn for being good sports.

We asked attendees “Why did you come tonight?” Here are some of their answers:

“I’m a Village of Mamaroneck resident and I am excited to see Sharon Torres take the role of Mayor.” Mark Wachsberg

“To see and provide support to the new Mayor and to see a new direction.” Leon Meintjes

“To support Nora. I’ve known her for a while. I had a sign on my lawn and it worked!” Ed Stein

“Looking forward to go with unity – we are all one, all parties and I love where I live.” Victoria Fata

“The Village was lost for the last 6 years but I see working together to return back to being the Friendly Village. No more divisiveness, no more bullying.” Laura Abbate

After a brief reception provided by the Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Party the organizational meeting continued with appointments to various boards and commissions. Trustee Lucas was appointed as Deputy Mayor.


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