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Mayor’s Apology

Mayor Murphy opened the May 8th Board of Trustees meeting by reading his previously released statement of apology See HERE for his crude remark about a resident at the last meeting. See article HERE. He noted that the person, later identified as Peter McKee, was present and apologized to him. Murphy also noted that he was embarrassed and had to apologize to his children and his wife. Furthermore, he said “I guarantee I’ll never say it again.”

McKee addressed the Board toward the end of the meeting on the topic of affordable housing. He briefly thanked Murphy for his apology but noted the irony of the resolution regarding the public bullying of the staff which the Board had just passed 3-1. See HERE. As McKee was wrapping up his comments, Murphy apologized again. McKee responded, “I hear your apology, but I see a discrepancy in the way you treat members of the public and your words.”

Murphy also said that he and Deputy Clerk Sally Roberts had tried to identify McKee by watching the videotape as Murphy wanted to apologize to him personally. After the meeting McKee told the Mamaroneck Observer that he was a utilities liaison to the Village of Mamaroneck and was known to Murphy. McKee has asked for a transfer from that position. Trustee Lucas told the Observer that she was able to identify McKee and did call him to apologize for what happened.


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